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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

The Yellow Brick Road

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The path stretches ahead, winding off into the distance. It would be great if it took us straight to Oz. Perhaps the wizard would sort out all our problems; but life is rarely that simple. We protest, we disagree, we want to be free to choose our own direction.

There are obstacles and decisions to be made. The choices are not easy and the devil is in the detail.

This is a reduction print, a tricky,

challenging technique.

Drying, waiting for another colour

There is a plan, a path, but technical obstacles along the way, decisions to be made and no turning back. More lino is cut away every time a colour is added. No back tracking.

The cut away areas will remain yellow

No changing your mind, the previous version has gone and cannot be repeated.

I was first taught this slightly stressful technique by a lovely printmaker called Helen Murgatroyd

(no relation).

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