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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

Fake News

During Lockdown there seems to be more time to think and I sometimes wonder if that is a good idea. Politics has become more divisive and extreme. Facts and truths have been

devalued with

accusations of "Fake News". Lies are peddled as alternative

truths. The ego reigns

supreme, or does it? Really it is all "A Cock & Bull Story". In the days of travel by coach and horses, travellers went up the Great North Road stopping at Coaching Inns on the way. The story goes that two such inns in Stony Stratford were called The Cock and The Bull. As travellers relaxed with their ale they competed to tell the best tall stories. I'm fond of the bull as an expressive image, whether in a china shop, with red rags or stood on a podium looking rather silly.

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