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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

Blue & White

I used to collect antique blue and white china, actually Spode made before 1830. The collection is long gone but the fascination remains. The patterns were applied to the ceramics as transfers which in turn were made from engravings. Many of the topics were of historical scenes with romantic ruins from antiquity. Some were more unusual, like the imperial hunting scenes which were of their time and not ours.

The transfer technique is a lovely one to use. Today I can make unique drawings in my own contemporary style, which are reproduced in a form that I can apply to my ceramics. As I like my pottery to have interesting, undulating, handmade forms I create somewhat of a challenge for myself. The transfers prefer to be flat so I am always pushing the boundaries.

These ceramics need 3 firings before they are durable and complete. I could use any colours but the traditional idea of blue and white always attracts.

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