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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

The Magic Rabbit

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

My good friend Denny has asked me about the rabbit, so here goes.

We were standing in the garden talking to Alistair about the rabbits. We just can't stop them getting in the garden, we put up more and more fencing and still they are eating all the new plants.

He laughed at our frustration and said "They are Fairy Rabbits. They just fly over the fence, into the garden, and eat all the plants". I wonder if it's true? I thought they built

One lino fitted inside the other

a see-saw and catapulted over in true Wallace & Gromit style.

Printed without a press on lightweight Japanese paper

The camera trap soon revealed the truth. A badger was digging under the fence and the rabbits were following it in. That must be an idea for a print.

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