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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

Splendour & Isolation

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

My lockdown in March was fascinating, scary, invigorating, challenging, depressing and different. In "Splendid Isolation", tucked away in the glorious Devon countryside, there was certainly time to think and relish the natural world. That is not to neglect the fact that this pandemic continues to be a disaster for so many of us in a myriad of different ways.

Splendid Isolation

New concepts and words are now part of our everyday parlance; social distancing, self isolation, lockdown, shielding. We live in bubbles, get furloughed and wear relationship warping masks; barriers with a common purpose.

Self Isolation

We are distanced with our own thoughts, looking for personal ways to make sense of it all. Our isolation can take many forms with positive or negative results. Life may feel enclosed, boxed in and dark, loneliness destroys and disorientates. "Self Isolation" is troubling and sad.

Almost Alone

Time "Almost Alone" may be restorative, contemplative, and invigorating. The sea is an important part of that picture for me.

This very small, spiky Coronavirus sphere which doesn’t look much like a crown to me, challenges our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, understanding, relationships, faith in politics and the system. In these strange times I cherish the opportunity to follow my own personal creative path and share my thoughts as linocut prints.

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