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  • Nancy Murgatroyd

Inside Out

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

I used to live in a Georgian house with large, beautifully proportioned windows, some facing a secluded walled garden; my secret garden. That boundary between inside and out

has been an enduring fascination, the plants are super real as they appear to cross the barrier. The house and garden are indivisible. This large acrylic on canvas was painted in those days. Fremontodendron, Clematis Tangutica, the Asphodel and an Iris.

In these Covid days our windows have a different meaning. Are we protected inside or desperate to get out? Maybe a bit of both. Trapped in a box, as a friend said to me "I'm sick of being under house arrest". Our lives are framed by restrictions, prohibitions and fears. We communicate through our Zoom and Facetime frames.

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